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Posted by Roberto Macedo Alves on Aug 30, 2008 in Polysyllabic Spree, Rants


Sometimes I enter a meditative state, and go to reread books I’ve already read, and are underlined, scribbled and dog-eared.

This time, the book revisited was (again) Douglas Coupland’s “Generation X: Tales for an accelerated culture”

GenerationXAnd even if the book is pretty plotless, the characters are interesting and sort of likeable, despite the apparent vacuity of them.

Suddenly, in this book, Elvissa (one of the characters) asks to Tobias (the yuppie) something that left me thinking:

“When you die and get buried and get to be floating wherever you go, what is going to be your best memory from Earth?”

Tobias, doesn’t understand, and Elvissa elaborates:

“What is the moment that for you defines what is to be alive in this planet? what do you want to take with you from here?”

Yet, the yuppie doesn’t understand. Elvissa continues:

“I want to hear about a tiny moment of your life that proves that you are really alive”

And that is really an AMAZING question.

I thought about that, and curiously, I couldn’t find a definite answer. There are several wonderful moments that I can consider my best memory from Earth. All of them too private to be shared here. But it was an amazing question, nonetheless.

And you, what is the moment that for you defines what is to be alive on this planet?

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2 Random Quickie Watercolors from Chão da Lagoa

Posted by Roberto Macedo Alves on Jun 13, 2008 in Art

We did the yearly corporate picnic at the Chão da Lagoa, in a nice place called Casa do Burro (Donkey’s house) – lots of green, fresh air, nice sun and lots of fun! Here follows a quickie watercolor painted in loco:

Chão da Lagoa

And another quickwatercolor. Meh. Model kept moving. And she looks like she is squatting. I prefer the first watercolor. Definitely.

Rapariga no Chão da Lagoa

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Posted by Roberto Macedo Alves on Jun 10, 2008 in Art

For something completely different, I just decided to try some “non-thinking” quicksketches. Trying to forget about structure, let just the lines go (without taking the pencil form the paper at any time) and just look at the shapes and lines and contours. Trying to close my analytical mind – I decided to try this just following a conversation I had with Colleen Doran while she was here in Madeira. Just trying to let the linework more fluid.

Lots of quicksketches done today, from photos, from tv, from live models, from magazines… trying to think in terms of shapes and lines (and not really objects) – just my first step to try different stuff with watercolors.

Here is one quicksketch:

Quicksketch 1

Here is another:

Quicksketch 2

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