Like this little plant in a sink…

Posted by Roberto Macedo Alves on Sep 14, 2009 in Rants


…no matter how bleak the conditions appear to be! There is always hope if you want to thrive!


And that’s all for today!

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Huxley was Right (1) : Dead Languages

Posted by Roberto Macedo Alves on Apr 28, 2009 in Polysyllabic Spree


Eu ia escrever mais um post hoje sobre a Gripe Suína e o cartaz britânico que dizia “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” e como devemos estar calmos e continuar apesar da histeria – e para isso estava à procura de uma citação do Huxley (recentemente, ando a revisitar o BRAVE NEW WORLD [Admirável Mundo Novo] e a aperceber-me de muitos e interessantes paralelos com o nosso mundo contemporâneo.

Estava a folhear o livro quando reparei que tinha sublinhado as seguintes linhas:

Fez-se um silêncio. Depois, pigarreando para aclarar a voz, o Director começou:

- Era uma vez, quando Nosso Ford era ainda deste mundo, um rapazinho chamado Reuben Rabinovitch. Reuben era filho de pais de língua polaca. – O Director interrompeu-se.

- Sabem o que é o polaco, calculo.

-Uma língua morta.

- Como o francês e o alemão – acrescentou outro estudante, exibindo zelosamente a sua sabedoria.

“Pelas partes pudicas das onze mil virgens!”, pensei, Huxley tem razão. E inconscientemente, eu próprio estou a ajudar a concretizar a sua profecia!

Afinal de contas, os posts mais recentes deste Blogue tem sido em inglês – quando a minha língua mãe é o Português. Por que? Porque desta forma os meus devaneios podiam ser lidos por uma audiência mais vasta… mas isso é também um contributo a espetar mais um prego no caixão da língua Portuguesa.

Foi por isso que decidi escrever novamente os posts neste blogue nas duas línguas, Português e Inglês. Apenas para tentar evitar que a caminhada em direcção a um futuro segundo Huxley seja assim tão inevitável.

Mas ele tem razão, apesar de tudo. E nós vamos a caminho desse futuro, alegremente.


I was going to write today’s post about Swine Flu and Keeping Calm and Carrying on, and I was looking for an excerpt from Huxley (recently, I’ve been browsing “BRAVE NEW WORLD” and finding lots of interesting parallells to our contemporary world.

I was browsing the book and noticed that I had previously underlined the following lines:

There was a silence; then, clearing his throat, “Once upon a time,” the Director began, “while our Ford was still on earth, there was a little boy called Reuben Rabinovitch. Reuben was the child of Polish-speaking parents.”

The Director interrupted himself. “You know what Polish is, I suppose?”

“A dead language.”

“Like French and German,” added another student, officiously showing off his learning.

“By the pudenda of the eleven thousand virgins!”, I thought, Huxley is right. And unconsciously we are helping him to be right!

After all, the last posts on this blog have been in English – when my mother language is Portuguese. Why? Because that way my rants can be read by a wider audience… but that also contributes as an additional nail to the coffin of the Portuguese language.

That’s why I decided to write again the posts in this blog in both languages, Portuguese and English. Just to try to avoid the gleeful walk towards a Huxleyan future.

But he is right, nonetheless. And we are going towards it, merrily.

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Marvel’s ULTIMATUM EVENT is so bad it hurts

Posted by Roberto Macedo Alves on Apr 15, 2009 in Comics, Rants

I like many kinds of comics: from Bandes Desineés to Manga to the glorious works of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman and Scott McCloud and Jeff Smith and many many others. But in the deepest recesses of my heart I remain (at least a little bit) a Marvel Zombie.

And as a faithful Marvel Zombie, for example, I’ve been buying the Amazing Spider-Man issues since 1990 or something. I bought (and enjoyed, most of the time) the Clone Saga and other atrocious events, more or less entertaining, but always with a childlike glee.

AmazingSpider-Man404 629973-clones1_super web-of-spider-man-117

And for example, I was reading excited the beginning of the Ultimate Universe, enjoying the first issues of the Ultimates and Ultimate Spider-Man, and suprisingly due to the entertainment quality of the stories, I quickly began to care about these alternate versions of the Marvel heroes I grew up with. It was sometimes better than the old, regular Marvel Universe. Not bad for escapism.

Then, I read some time ago that the ultimate universe was going to end. And the teaser ran with Biblical references and the promise of big stuff happening, with Magneto involved. It looked exciting. Until I began to read the issues. Ew.


So, as a beginning, a big tidal wave just washes out New York City… something I already saw in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Can I say this was unoriginal, in the least?

prv1320_pg6 Day-after-tomorrow

Europe flash freezes, which also happened on the DAY AFTER TOMORROW. And at least, the movie had some sort of environmental warning message. In this comic, it was totally pointless, it was just Magneto’s whim. To punish the humans and mutants for de death of Pietro and Wanda, or whatever.

Then, lots of characters die pointless, disgusting, boring deaths. The body count was so high I just stopped caring, even if Jeph Loeb was butchering lots of characters I liked. One of the most gruesome scenes has the blob eating the entrails of the Wasp (what for?) then, giant man bites his head off (“it was only personal”) and goes to explode, with suicide bomber Jamie Madroxes (Jamie Madri?) crawling all over him. Like that. Yes, it sounds pretty stupid. And it is! Did I mention it was also boring?

ultimatum1 ultimatum2


And Magneto forcing Jamie Madrox to replicate over and over and over is not original either. We all saw that in the AGE OF APOCALYPSE, and that was not so long ago. Ah, and in AoA, Madrox also lost his mind and died in the end. That was another totally original idea, Mr. Loeb!


After reading the third issue of that series, I just felt like that character from Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD, John the Savage, after watching a boring, action-packed, plotless “feely” film. He was so shocked, he told Lenina, his date what he thought about that “entertainment” experience:

“I don’t think you ought to see things like that,” he said, making haste to transfer from Lenina herself to the surrounding circumstances the blame for any past or possible future lapse from perfection.

“Things like what, John?”

“Like this horrible film.”

“Horrible?” Lenina was genuinely astonished. “But I thought it was lovely.”

“It was base,” he said indignantly, “it was ignoble.”

And that’s a nice way to sum up what ULTIMATUM was about. It was base. It was ignoble. It was certainly a sad, disgusting, pointless, unworthy ending for the Ultimate Universe. I just don’t care how it ends. I think I will ignore this last event happened.

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